Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an ad?

It's very easy to place an ad: click on the button "Create Listing" above right.

What does it cost to advertise?

The publication is 100% free throughout the website.

I can't find my Location, what should I do? 

kindly contact us to request for your Location to be added to the platform. Contact us now

I created a listing and it wasn't approved what should I do? 

We review listing manually for approval, this may take time but usually not more than 2 Days for your listing to be approved and made online. If your listing takes longer to get approved, kindly delete it and post it again.

My Listing was deleted by the platform, why?

A listing may be delete for the following reasons; duplicate listing, no images, inappropriate images or descriptions, wrong category, suspicious listing, unreasonable pricing, listing that violates any law or government regulation, listing that involves politics, duplicate account and other reasons. You can check our policy or contact us if you feel your listing was wrongfully deleted by the platform.

If I post an listing, will I also get more spam e-mails?

Absolutely not because your email address is not visible on the website.

How long will my listing remain on the website?

In general, an listing is automatically deactivated from the website after 2 months. You will receive an email a week before D-Day and another on the day of deactivation. You have the ability to put them online in the following month by logging into your account on the site. After this delay, your listing will be automatically removed permanently from the website.

I sold my item. How do I delete my ad?

Once your product is sold or leased, log in to your account to remove your listing.

Is Linkstore a government registered platform?

Linkstore is registered under the Federal Government of Nigeria' Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as LINKSTORE LKS ENTERPRISE been one of the Linkserve Inc' Platforms


Linkstore CAC Certification